March 21, 2017

Bewildered about classical music? We'll tell you how to listen to this elusive art form.

February 21, 2017

Duo Sequenza's operating paradigm is that classical music has something vital and uniquely rewarding to offer every individual. Our tagline, "Chamber Music to Move Your Mind & Nourish Your Soul," speaks to our strong belief in classical music’s transformative power. Although most human beings possess two working ears (that being the only prerequisite for listening to music of any genre), today’s classical music audiences consist largely of individuals with some degree of formal background in music. It seems that classical music is perceived by much of the public as being elitist, leading to its being ruled out as an activity that might be meaningful or enjoyable, if it even makes it onto people’s activities radar.

It seems to us that much of the problem may have to do with folks thinking they don’t “get” classical music. News flash: you do “get it.” You just don’t realize that you do.

Today’s society is suffering a plague of shortened attention spans. Screens are ubiquitous everywhere. W...

February 21, 2016


"You just had to BE there!"  When words fall short to describe the experience, that's often what we say. How much more so when we're talking about classical music!


As the least tangible of the arts, music is truly gestalt. In a concert situation, it's all about the present! It's happening; the art is happening right then, right there, right now. As each note is played, it lasts only for its indicated length, and then it's gone...never to be heard quite the same way again.


When I practice, I like to strive to never play any one note the same way twice. Each and every note that appears in the score has its own raison d'etre...a special purpose that only it can fulfill. Each and every note has a unique relationship with its neighbors; those nestled beside it in the melody, and those supporting and surrounding it in the harmony. It's my job to discover the nature of those myriad relationships. My purpose is to give every note the life its composer imagined for i...

December 1, 2015


I admit it…I had never before heard of “Giving Tuesday,” but I have to say, I think it’s a good idea. I personally don’t participate in Black Friday; in fact, I avoid it like the plague, as I dislike shopping in general. That said, “Small Business Saturday” is brilliant. If it weren’t for the fact that Saturdays are the Jewish Sabbath, I’d be in on that 100%.  I can easily find lots of interesting items to buy locally, that I wouldn’t even think to look for on the web. Both of these promotional days get straight to the idea of building better communities.  Regardless of our harried lifestyles and internet access that puts the world literally at our fingertips, we human beings still crave interpersonal connection and a place to call home. The communities we build give us just that. The hitch is, we have to build those communities. It’s a do it ourselves sort of project.

Everything we need to enhance our communities costs money, but some things just don’t generate enough of it. Fr...