Classical Revolution

Duo Sequenza's operating paradigm is that classical music has something vital and uniquely rewarding to offer every individual. Our tagline, "Chamber Music to Move Your Mind & Nourish Your Soul," speaks to our strong belief in classical music’s transformative power. Although most human beings possess two working ears (that being the only prerequisite for listening to music of any genre), today’s classical music audiences consist largely of individuals with some degree of formal background in music. It seems that classical music is perceived by much of the public as being elitist, leading to its being ruled out as an activity that might be meaningful or enjoyable, if it even makes it onto people’s activities radar.

It seems to us that much of the problem may have to do with folks thinking they don’t “get” classical music. News flash: you do “get it.” You just don’t realize that you do.

Today’s society is suffering a plague of shortened attention spans. Screens are ubiquitous everywhere. We live our days to the accompaniment of device after device, often too connected to technology to connect with one another. But you already know that.

Paul and I both came from non-musical families; Paul’s dad was an ironworker and my mom the bookkeeper at a Buick dealership. These kinds of “working class” families, at least in our personal experience, didn’t go out of their way to immerse themselves in cultural arts. Yet, for each of us, even though we didn’t claim to “get it,” once we were exposed to serious art music, we were hooked. Our respective paucities of classical music exposure did not deter us from developing our passions for the art form.

“Music for the People” is the tagline of Classical Revolution, a grassroots movement of world class musicians that are changing the demographics of today’s classical audiences. By performing informal concerts in non-traditional venues, they are transforming communities as they alter the erroneous perception of classical music as elitist.

Our upcoming 3rd season, “Blurring Boundaries,” at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, Indiana, will consist of three new concerts of the finest literature written for flute and classical guitar, and will feature other artistic disciplines as well! Prior to each concert, we’ll do a series of informal outreach programs in non-traditional venues to demystify our art form and demonstrate that contemporary classical music has something valuable and relevant to offer you!

Bring your ears to a chamber music concert, and open your mind to a new experience. Let us show you how this music can be the lemon sorbet cleansing your palette between the courses of your harried life. It’s called an intermezzo!

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