Project Listen Up!


With the support of South Shore Arts, Indiana Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts, Project Listen Up! events are FREE to attendees!  



























WHEN ?   March 4 - 29, 2020


WHY ? 

  • To create and increase public awareness of chamber music & 

  • Stimulate broader community interest in today’s classical music.

  • To develop an all-new audience for chamber music &

  • Create new stakeholders to augment the current performing arts climate in the locations of the project.



  • Partnerships with businesses and 'non-traditional' venues

  • Emphasis on today's classical music and living composers

  • Meaningful tie-ins of repertoire to the event themes and venues






WHERE ?  Valparaiso IN & South Shore Region of Lake Michigan

HOW ? 

  • By embedding numerous informal performances in familiar community venues where people are already gathering.

  • By informal interaction between listeners and artists barriers are broken down.

  • By engaging a widely diverse demographic of new listeners.

YOU can join us in our mission by making a tax-deductable donation to support "Project Listen Up!" here.  Please note "Project Listen Up!" in the dedication line to earmark your gift for this important project. Thank you for your commitment to today's  classical music!


Dear Friends, 

We are deeply saddened to announce that we are officially suspending the remainder of our Project Listen Up! events. We had prepared 11 uniquely themed performances tied to specific non-traditional venues with more than four hours of truly wonderful flute and classical guitar repertoire, so this is artistically crushing for us. There were a total of 15 performances scheduled to take place during this run of the project.


Three performances did take place, two at Ironwood, and one at the Valparaiso Inn. The Valparaiso Inn was surprisingly (at the time) sparsely attended compared to last year's numbers, and in retrospect, it was probably in large part due to early COVID-19 concerns. With the most recent CDC recommendations against gatherings of more than 10, we think it most prudent that we suspend all remaining performances.


We had considered trying to Live-Stream our performances from the remaining venues, perhaps without an audience in attendance, but the logistics of putting that together with no notice are simply not feasible. Paul is already on his way back to SC to hunker down with his family. 


We are especially sensitive to the fact that our Project Listen Up! objectives for this year have been only marginally fulfilled. Project Listen Up! is funded by South Shore Arts, the Indiana Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, and generous individual donors, and we are obligated by the terms of our grant to bring the project to fruition. (The grant year fro the project ends 6/30)  We simply cannot see how that can happen with everything changing so quickly and with projections for quarantine now reaching into August. These last few days, no sooner than we've come up with a potential solution, it falls through logistically. 


We will definitely prioritize the venues at which we were unable to perform this month for the next run (March 2021) of this important project after things return to normal. Please do what you are able to spread the word about the suspension of the project, and we will do the same. 






Please note! Our Little U Academy performance is restricted to enrolled students and their parents ONLY!






Please note! Our NIPSCO Corporate    performance is restricted to NIPSCO  employees   ONLY!

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