Audience Accolades

We recently began soliciting our audiences to leave their written comments during intermission and after our performances. The following is what they shared!

"The music is awesome! Love it!"

"A wonderful addition to area musical offerings. Appreciate the contemporary!"

"I have to admit I like the old standard classical guitar best, but Paul, you get sounds and rhythms out of the guitar that I never knew were in there! Debra, what you do on the flute is amazing! And the two of you together!!!"

"I am so glad I got to hear the World Premiere of (the alto flute & guitar arrangement) Farlorn Alemen. Loved the alto flute. Great piece and sad story."

"All of the program was delightful!"

"I can't believe this theater (350 seats) isn't packed! Loved the World Premiere (arrangement of Farlorn Alemen)"

"Your playing is so gorgeous. Thank you for helping me transcend to a place of dreams and imagination."

"Excellent work! Played so well!"


"Loved the lyricism of Gary Schocker (composer of Mysterious Barcodes) and the poignancy captured in Farlorn Alemen (by Andrea Clearfield). Beautiful concert!"

"Favorites: Elegy for Lefty (Marc Mellits) and all of Gary Schocker (Mysterious Barcodes)"

"I could picture the ghost dancing around! (Mysterious Barcodes by Gary Schocker) Favorites so far: Elegy for Lefty (Marc Mellits) and Pensieroso (Gary Schocker)"

"You guys did amazing! Such a pleasure as always. Keep up the great work!"

"Incredible musicianship! Would like to hear a little about you two personally and history of the music"

"Fantastic performance. 10/10

Would come again"  :)

"Loving the concert -- played very well!"

"Absolutely lovely!!"

"Beautiful!!! Perfect!!!"

"Beautiful performance! Loved New York (Lowell Lieberman's Sonata) vs. Chicago (Marc Mellits' Two Pieces)"

"Lovely concert. Look forward to more..."

"Fast (by Marc Mellits) made me, and the lady behind me laugh! Loved the 'ghost!' (Mysterious Barcodes) What fun!"

"Looking forward to the next two performances here in Valpo!"

"Loved the second (Liebermann's Allegro) and third (Mellits' Fast) along with the last piece in the first set (Schocker's Friendly Ghost, Mostly) Thanks."

"I like the themed concerts. Thanks for introducing me to new music!"

"Loved the Israeli piece (Farlorn Alemen by Andrea Clearfield.)"

"An amazing concert from start to finish!!"

"The stories about the songs are very helpful and delightful! Great job!"

"Sounds really cool!"

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