2020 Call for Scores!

Imaginative Flute & Guitar Scores



are being sought for a 2021

Navona Records Release


 featuring the Silvert 1816 Claude Laurent

4-keyed Crystal Flute

Duo Sequenza invites composers to an exciting collaboration: an album of new music written for flute and classical guitar duo and showcasing a very old and rare flute! Selected composers will have their compositions by Duo Sequenza for a 2021 Navona Records release “Yes…It’s a FRAGILE Thing!”

The Laurent Crystal Flutes inspire more mystique than any other flute. Flutists dream of owning one; history buffs dream of hearing one played. With only 150-160 known extant examples of this type of flute worldwide, two-thirds of which are in museums, few are actively played (we know of four), and therefore rarely heard. Read more here.

These flutes were proudly                                                        owned by royalty (several by the Bonapartes) and given as gifts to heads of state. President James Madison’s crystal Laurent reposes in the Library of Congress. Today, they may appear unexpectedly almost anywhere…a friend of the late flute historian David Shorey stumbled upon the Silvert Laurent at a Florida estate sale in 1997! We can only imagine its previous life. How many years had it waited for its ducet sound to be brought to life again?

Our performances with this flute have consistently drawn larger, more diverse audiences, hence we believe this recording project is an important strategy for our audience development mission. This is a collaborative project with the goal of recruiting new listeners for contemporary classical music. We hope you will see this project’s potential impact and choose to write a new work for it. We would most love to record works specifically written by flutist composers, but we will not necessarily limit ourselves to that preference. There are no restrictions for composers regarding age, race, or gender.

Compositions should be scored for concert flute and classical guitar duo. Works for solo flute with guitar accompaniment will not be considered.  The preferred tonality is the keys of G, D, A and their related modes, as befits this historic flute. Pieces involving electronics should be limited to fixed media only. Please note that this flute is pitched at A = 430. It is permissible to require re-tuning of the guitar, but between movements only.


Works including some extended techniques for the flute may be acceptable, but limits will be necessary (1) due to the limitations of the flute and (2) to ensure the preservation and safety of the flute.  Flute vocalizations should be well within an alto voice range.  Most other extended techniques must be discussed with Debra concerning their executability and suitability for this particular flute. Guitar extended techniques are not similarly limited, but composers should consult directly with Paul concerning notation and executability. Scores must be written in traditional western notation or provide very clear English explanations on any non-standard notation used. Pieces should not exceed 15 minutes and may consist of multiple movements. Works must be written specifically for this project, should be inspired by this unique flute. Pieces must not have been previously performed or recorded.


Selected works will be recorded by Duo Sequenza for a 2021 PARMA Recordings release on the Navona Records label with distribution by Naxos. Final selections will be made by Debra Silvert and Paul Bowman and may include input from other professional composers and the PARMA A&R team. Gary Schocker’s “Crystal Healing” has already been recorded for this album and may be heard here (unmastered) for inspiration.


Please send a Letter of Interest/ Intent to admin@DuoSequenza.com, subject: “Call for Scores” as soon as possible to convey your serious interest and inspired ideas. Please also include your full name, birth year, a 200-word (or less) biography (in English), and website link (if available).  We will reply to advise you as to how to proceed.


Thank you so much for your interest in this exciting and important project!

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